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The lecture was attended by the dean of the school of business, dean’s advisory board, university administrators, members of other faculties, and students from the school of business. Mr. Renim was invited to give his opening remarks. A few years ago he had contributed to the construction of the business school by donating 0.5 million dollars. The speaker of the day was inspector general of US department of labor. He was invited by the “speaker’s mother”. Larry de. Turner, who is inspector general of US department of labor, has served 24 years in the US army and other departments such as the office of communication in the department of defense.

Larry begins by giving his career story and asks if the members of the congregation have a story to tell. “Do you have a story?” he asks. The speaker went on to tell the students to be keen on their career development goal by preparing in advance before the end of their four years course. “You must take steps to ensure you make it happen” he advised. He continues to tell the congregation about his role in the office of inspector general. He says that the work of inspector general ties to business ethics as the agent of the government. One of his functions is to ensure work in the lower offices is done effectively and as expected.

He says their daily functions involves investigations of various cases around the country, and enforce the law. He says, “We deal with different incidences across the country to ensure safety for all”. He reminds the students to take time to explore different things to see what they can do. He says the quality of a person is to think of how to change oneself and change the world. He finally involves them to ask questions which he promptly answered.

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