I need to write Report about “Rift Valley Fever” that discuss Information, Security, Economics on a Data-center?

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We need to write 5 pages single space, about “Rift Vally Fever” that discuss term of Information, Security, and Economics. We need our topic as a Data Center that address following question. What is the problem? What is the tool? How it’s work (Framework)?What are the resources that we use it in our report? What is the project time-line for our project?. Moreover, about the second question like we need to mention some logarithm or method that we used in order to address the disease such as using data-clustering in term of machine learning. Finally, it’s not necessary that we should write about this disease ” Rift Vally Fever”, we need you to write about disease that you feel more confidante about it just we need from you to address the previous five question in the report. In sum, the main idea of report who we can use a data center to address following questions in term of Information, Security, and Business to save people life in x area.

** Also, we need five slides power-point every-slide address one questions that I mention previously.


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