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Assignment — We Didn’t Start the Fire
Due: February 9

To complete the first assignment, review the PowerPoint and lecture materials from class. Also, review the video, We Didn’t Start the Fire, in TopHat, as well as the rest of the TopHat Module 2 material.

  • Which names or events are most recognizable to you?
  • Which listings were unfamiliar?
  • Why do you think this is the case?
  • Compile a list of 5-10 items to add to the song that “bring the
    message current” and address the years since 1990 (you do not have to
    rhyme them!)

Your paper should be between 1-2 pages. A reference list is not
needed unless you quote from material outside of the course materials.

Submit the paper to Cruiser or on paper by the due date. here i will upload the lecture a

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