IFDI research paper

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Note: You need to attach this page for grading

Directions: Limit your text to a maximum of 12 pages in double space List all the tables, graphs, charts, and bibliography in the appendix;

1.Executive summary of the project: (not more than 1 page, 2 points):

2. Introduction; FDI Concepts & Theory (about 3 pages, 10 points):

(i).What is meant by FDI; how is it different from other forms foreign investment;

(ii).Why do firms want to invest in foreign markets?

(iii).What are some of the theories that explain FDI?

(iv). Some of the risks that firms encounter while investing in foreign markets?

3: Federal & State programs to promote IFDI: (about 6 pages, 20 points):

(i).US Federal programs: “Hire America” & Buy American” “select USA”, CFIUS, trade agreements, foreign trade zones, taxation (2018 corporate tax) & other incentives;

(ii). State programs to attract FDI in the state;

(iii). Identify at least 5 foreign firms has an FDI in your region/state; (provide information on firm’s country of origin, approximate year & amount of IFDI; website of each firm;

(iv). Type of industries (manufacture, services or other) in which FDI is directly associated with your division/state;

4: Performance of FDI in your division/state: (about 6 pages, 15 points):

(I). Impact on US exports & Imports;

(ii). Impact on Local employment; linkages with local universities;

(iii).Discuss if and how foreign firm(s) have expanded or diversified its operations since its entry through IFDI;

(iv). Challenges of foreign firms dealing with US regulations (CFIUS), national security & IPRs,

(v). Any impact of FDI on states that follow “right to work” laws as compared to states that are not;

5: Conclusion and limitations of the study (1 page, 3 points)

Quality of writing; sources of data; evidence of having collected primary sources of information;

Bibliography should include at least 3 journal articles and other sources referenced in the report;

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