impacts of information systems on policies and student learning case

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Case Assignment

Please read the assigned articles and in 3-4 pages (not counting cover sheet and reference list), explain your thoughts on how technology does or will impact you in your current or future classroom.

Cite your sources. As always, outside research is welcomed to assure you are able to properly research any topic as a Master’s Level student. This can be an enjoyable and creative assignment! Think of the changes in technology that are happening on a daily basis, and the impact they have on the future of education.

As always, this assignment may be focused on your preference of higher or secondary education.

Assignment Expectations

To receive maximum credit, you must demonstrate understanding of context and purpose of the assignment by bringing all required elements (described above) to the discussion, and meeting additional expectations (described below).

The expected length of your Case assignment is 3-4 pages.

Include at least three in-text references, preferably including one which is other than those provided in the assigned readings.

As Master’s-level students, it is expected that you develop strong skills for reviewing literature. (Student must conduct additional review of the literature as necessary.) Your reference list and overall paper must be formatted properly in APA format and style.

HINT: To ensure a well-organized paper, begin your discussion with an introduction (including purpose statement), and then list the three or four main ideas that you will address. Be sure to include a section for each main idea, and use appropriate headings for each section. Also, include a conclusion.

Please be sure to include ALL assignment tasks.

NOTE: if any web-link is not working, please report it to the professor immediately.

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