Innovative Solutions in Health Leadership

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Need to complete Assignments for Task 1, then paper for Task 2. I will submit more files once accepted. ( Task 1 to be completed in 4 days, Task 2 to be completed by 12-21-21 )

Course Goals

As an administrator for a medical group, you face a critical management problem. Charged with finding an innovative solution, you begin by exploring how innovation can address healthcare needs and impact various dimensions of healthcare organizations. You will propose and develop a technology innovation to improve the overall patient experience in your medical group. In this course, you will explore various perspectives about innovation within healthcare settings and other fields.

The course focuses on using technology to develop an innovative solution to the medical group’s clinic wait time problem. To complete the assessment, you will demonstrate an understanding of innovations in healthcare initiatives by:

  • assessing how and why innovations are used,
  • comparing the potential impacts of multiple innovations, and
  • cultivating the ability to choose an appropriate solution for a particular healthcare issue.

Course Competencies

  • Communication and Collaboration Methods: The graduate recommends methods of organizational communication to increase the effectiveness of interpersonal communication, collaboration, and problem-solving among healthcare organizational stakeholders.
  • Leading Change: The graduate proposes solutions that use strategies and processes to lead effective healthcare organizational change.
  • Basic Principles of Enterprise Risk Management: The graduate assesses risk, types of risk, the role of stakeholders, and the principles and approaches to minimize healthcare organizational risks.
  • Innovation and Disruption Evaluation: The graduate analyzes how innovation and disruption contribute value to a healthcare organization.
  • Innovative Solutions: The graduate develops innovative solutions that use various models to address future challenges and emerging opportunities in the healthcare industry.
  • Healthcare Solutions: The graduate constructs an innovative solution that will positively affect a healthcare organization and stakeholders.

Complete and Close Section

This course consists of four assignments, which comprise Task 1, each designed to help you prepare the Innovation Proposal, which is Task 2.

Each assignment is organized into four sections:

  • Introduction: Description of the assignment and resources needed to complete the assignment
  • Discover: Introduction to concepts, principles, and strategies that support the assignment
  • Engage: Readings and activities that put key concepts, principles, and strategies in the context of the assignment
  • Review: Directions for completing the assignment

Follow these steps to complete the assessment:

1. Complete the Course Assignments (Task 1):

  • Assignment 1: Compare the evidence for categorizing the characteristics of the Hackensack innovation as disruptive, sustaining, and both disruptive and sustaining.
  • Assignment 2: Assess the potential success of the Hackensack innovation.
  • Assignment 3: Analyze the impact of the Healthvana app.
  • Assignment 4: Analyze the impact of an additional innovation that you identified in your research.

2. Submit the Course Assignments (Task 1).

For detailed instructions on how to submit Task 1, go to the Course of Study landing page under “Assessments” and click on “View Task.”

3. Complete the Innovation Proposal Form (Task 2).

The Innovation Proposal Form can be found by going to the Course of Study landing page under “Assessments,” clicking on “View Task,” and scrolling down to “Supporting Documents.”

4. Submit the Innovation Proposal Form (Task 2).

For detailed instructions on how to submit Task 2, go to the Course of Study landing page under “Assessments” and click on” View Task.”

5. Complete Leadership Development Activities.

As you progress through the curriculum, leadership development activities help you prepare for the capstone, articulate your leadership vision, assess your leadership skills, develop a career plan, and develop a professional network.

  • For each course, complete the leadership development activities found under the Assessment tab labeled “Leadership Development.”
  • Save your responses to “My Leadership Plan.”
  • At the end of the curriculum, you will submit your leadership plan with the capstone.

Course Resources

The resources and templates needed to complete each assignment are located in the “Essential Materials” section of each tab. Download the assignment worksheets and supporting materials to use throughout the course.

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