Innovative Strategies

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((Research in depth one major innovation that is changing the business and life of our times, e.g. deep learning, electric cars, self driving cars, gene sequencing, blockchain, etc. Note it’s critical that you use specific use cases and realistic projections of the stage of the innovation and when it will take off, e.g. projected annual market growth, annual cost reduction based on valid research and data, rather than engage in abstract and grand narratives. ))

Rubric for Case Study Analysis Discussions

1-Understanding of Case and Chapter Framework :Strong: Show an excellent understanding of the chapter and the case and the purpose of the case analysis. Have a sharp focus on the questions posed for the analysis.

2-Critical Thinking and Independent Analysis: Strong: Shows high level of critical, independent and deep thinking by being able to focus on the most key issues at hand and discover unique insights or conclusions from the analysis

3-Presentation Organization, and Professionalism:trong: Presented in a highly professional, logical, and organized manner, free from errors in data and grammar, with all sources indicated in footnotes. Posted on time.


please work on Rubric carefully

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