Integrated Marketing Media Planning Steps

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The media plan is a written document that summarizes the objectives and strategies for how the media budgets will be spent. The media plan should present the most effective and efficient ways to deliver promotional messages to the target audiences.

1. From your eText (see below), list the four basic steps in media planning (page 124).

1 – Target Audience; 2 – Communication and Media Objectives; 3 – Media Strategies; 4 – Media Metrics and Analytics

2. Which step do you believe to be the most difficult? Explain why.

Must be at least 100 words.

  • “Media Planning and Negotiation”
    Moriarty, S., Mitchell, N., & Wells, W. (2015). Media planning and negotiation. In Advertising and IMC: Principles and practice (10th ed., Chapter 14). Pearson.

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