internet data analysis for business essay 3

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This week, you will be responsible for creating a Pay-per-Click (PPC)

Plan of 4–5 pages. For this portion of the e-Business Plan, you must

include the following:

  • Create a description of the 3 types of searches that will be used in your PPC plan.
  • Describe the PPC campaign that you recommend for the case study company.
  • Define each of the following items listed below specifically for the case study company using goal-based target estimates:
    • Click-through rate
    • Cost per click
    • Average cost per click
    • Conversion rate
    • Cost per conversion
    • Cost per lead
    • Cost per acquisition
  • Create 5 ad groups, including their purpose and suggestions for headlines and text.
  • Describe how you will implement your ads and the type of data you will track from those ads.

Then, complete the e-Business Plan incorporating feedback as needed. All sources should be cited both in the text and in the references using APA format.

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