Internet Marketing Plan – Report

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After conducting a situational analysis, a hotel (of your choice) has asked you to prepare a report and recommend three (3) e-Marketing strategies specifically to cater for a short-term marketing campaign. The campaign must start in the next few days, and the maximum duration of this campaign will be 30 days.

Evaluate three e-Marketing strategies (specific to different channels) that will be most beneficial for this hotel, together with the rationale for each campaign strategy chosen. In particular, you are to discuss the rationale for the internet marketing plan with respect to the short nature of the campaign. Your internet marketing plan should conclude with a description of how you might evaluation the success of the campaign, and which tools you could use to achieve this.

Whilst evaluating these three strategies, detail both the advantages and disadvantages of each strategy chosen.


1. Choose a hotel (any)

2. Follow my structure

3. Remember : 30 days

4. Explain how we can evaluation the success of the campaign (tools)

5. Minimum 6 references

7. Read documents (both)

8. Word count: Around 2000


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