Interview and Observation Paper

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  1. Find a professional who works in a Kinesiology-related field to interview then observe for at least 30 minutes. The professional should work within the student’s planned career, or if this isn’t yet known, a job that most interests the student. Introduce yourself as a member of our class and college and ask if you may observe as part of your required course work. Be aware that medical and educational facilities may not be able to accommodate this for privacy and safety reasons, so plan well ahead.
  2. Have some dates and times in mind that are convenient for you; then schedule your visit (being as flexible as possible).
  3. Bring the cover sheet, pose the questions listed and any others you might have. Take notes on the professional’s answers and during your 30-minute observation.
  4. Write a 3-page paper including all of the following:
  • A description of the profession
  • Responses to the interview prompts
  • The relationship between the occupation and Kinesiology
  • The student’s experience of the observation
  • What was expected versus what was learned

Assignment Requirements:

  • 3 pages, typed 1-inch margins, Times New Roman or similar font, 12-point font size, double spaced
  • .docx or PDF format
  • If citing material, a reference page in MLA or APA format
  • Examples of interviewees:
    Group exercise instructorPersonal trainerHealth and wellness coachClinical exercise physiologistPhysical therapistAthletic trainerSport coachRegistered dietitianPopulation specialistPublic health educatorPhysical educatorOccupational therapistTherapeutic recreation specialistStrength and conditioning specialistGym manager
    Kinesiology Interview and ObservationProfessional’s name: _________________________________________________Contact information:_________________________________________________Date of Observation:_________________________________________________Location:__________________________________________________________Interview Prompts:

    1. What is your exact job title — and how long have you been in this job?
    2. Can you describe a typical day at your job?
    3. How much of your day is spent behind a desk? Out in the field?
    4. How much are you required to work outside normal business hours?
    5. What type of education and training prepared you for this career field?
    6. What types of skills are necessary for succeeding in this career?
    7. How did you know this was the right career for you? Did you consider any other careers?
    8. What do you like most about your job?
    9. What are some of the biggest challenges you face in your job?
    10. What’s the most valuable reward you receive from this job?
    11. What’s the most important advice you have for someone just starting out in this career?
    12. Is there anything else that I have not seen today or that we have not talked about that you think is important for me to know as I continue my quest for the ideal career for me?

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