interview with a consumer

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5) Data Collection/Field Work: In this step, each member of a group should conduct at least one in-depth interview with a consumer and one in-depth interview with a manager to find out answers to the research questions identified in the earlier step. All group members must work together to come up with a basic interview guide. Please refer to… (Links to an external site.) to learn about how to prepare an interview guide. Please be very creative in asking relevant and interesting questions when you conduct your interviews. To learn more about interviewing consumers, feel free to do a web search to get guidelines. For example, you may find useful information at… (Links to an external site.) and about the laddering technique of interviewing at… (Links to an external site.) .

Please, please take time to read and understand the tips on the webpage: (Links to an external site.). Most of your questions will be answered by the guidelines described on this webpage. Alternately, here is a nice, short YouTube video that will explain how to design an interview guide: (Links to an external site.)

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