ISO 19001 + Auditing and IRCA

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1. ISO 19001 + auditing  


What is ISO 19001?



1) Introduction


· What are internal audit / external audit?

· What internal / external auditors do?

· The principles and purposes of an internal audit / external audit?

· The role and responsibility of the auditor in internal audit / external audit?

· The techniques for conducting internal audits / external audit?

· The tools needed to define and manage the auditing process (internal / external)

· The benefits of the implementation of the internal audit / external audit?

· What is its value to the organization (internal audit / external audit)?

· Auditor behavior  

· Auditor Knowledge and skills  

· What is the difference between internal and external audit?

· Role of Lead auditor

· Role of the Team

How to manage an audit program?

1. Introduton

2. Establishing the audit program objectives

3. Establishing the audit program

4. Implementing the audit program

5. Monitoring the audit program

6. Reviewing and improving the audit program

How to perform an audit?

o Introduction

o Initiating the audit

o Preparing audit activities

1) Performing document review in preparation for the audit

2) Preparing the audit plan

3) Assigning work to the audit team 

Conducting the opening meeting

1) Performing document review while conducting the audit

2) Communicating during the audit

3) Assigning roles and responsibilities of guides and observers

4) Collecting and verifying information

5) Generating audit findings

6) Preparing audit conclusions

7) Conducting the closing meeting 

Preparing and distributing the audit report

o Completing the audit

o Conducting audit follow-up

Reporting Structure of Internal / External Audit 

2. IRCA –  International Register of Certificated Auditors (IRCA)

Introduction (

Relationship with ISO 19001

please note that the research should be :

1- 16- 20 pages

2- need references

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