It needs to be at least 300 words and it’s due by Thurday night.

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Attributes of a Counselor

In chapter 1 Kottler & Shephard (2015) present a compiled list of personality characteristics.
Self-confidence, high energy level, sense of humor, neutrality, flexibility, emotional stability, experience in risk taking, analytic thinking, creativity, enthusiasm, honesty, and compassion all make the list. These traits are said to be necessary in order for a counselor to work at his or her optimum performance and with a “healthy self” (pp. 22). Carefully review this list. What attributes of the self do you think are most important to success in the counseling relationship? What do you consider to be your own strong suits and personal qualities that equip you to counsel effectively? What do you consider to be your weaknesses and what could you do to strengthen those? Remember to include a reference to an article that supports your response or adds to the discussion

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