Jonural entry

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In this journal assignment, select a new work from the reading list you created in the Module One journal. Read through the work,taking careful notes as if you were workshopping the piece for a peer. Specifically, look for areas that could be expanded on, deleted, or rewritten, and write a list of lingering questions you have after finishing the work.

When providing feedback, you should always try to keep the original vision of the story in mind. Answer the following:

  • What is one area of the text that clearly illustrates the story’s premise? For example, a specific theme that seems to be carried throughout the story, an ongoing conflict that is building towards some sort of resolution, or a character with an attribute that is mentioned several times in the text.
  • Based on the tips and strategies mentioned in this week’s articles, how would you further revise this piece while keeping the story’s premise intact?
  • Playing devil’s advocate, in what way could you revise the piece so that it veers in a different direction from the story’s theme? What else would need to change in the story to make it consistent and effective? Would this complete revision make sense, or does it seem counterproductive? Why or why not?

Story to use is Brothers’ was written by Anderson Sherwood.

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