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Write the News Story about the Wings to Fly

You will complete the online lessons and follow the instructions there to write a simple news story. Follow these steps to write your story:

  • Identify a topic: You need to find an appropriate topic for your article and get your teacher’s approval. If your teacher approved your topic in the interviewing and research skills unit, you may use that. If you have not yet identified a topic, you will need to get your teacher’s approval for any story idea.
  • Gather information: You will research and conduct at least two interviews to gather information for your story. If you began researching a topic and developed interview questions in the Interviewing and Research Skills Unit, you may use that information as the basis for your information-gathering. You will also get some interviewing tips in On the Trail to help you with this process.
  • Organize and draft: After you complete your research, you will organize your information and draft your story. Use the Planning a News Story document provided in Correspondent’s Corner to help organize your thoughts and draft your story.
  • Review and polish: Reread your story and use the News Story Grading Rubric to make sure you are covering all that is required. If you are able, have another person read your story and give you feedback. Make revisions based upon your reviews.


Articles are graded on the following criteria:

  • News value and accuracy
  • Research and sources
  • News Structure and organization
  • Ideas and content
  • Sentences and mechanics

Your article is worth up to 100 points. Note: your teacher may deduct up to 10 points if your article does not meet the length requirements between 600 to 800 words.




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