just do editing and correct my work

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as attached the 2 articles


and this is the original question for the assignment

after reading the required articles Living the Least Dangerous Assumption, and Inclusive Language as a Form of Disability Advocacy in Schools, consider your prior personal experiences, and professional experiences/aspirations. Have you been exposed to this notion previously, or is this your first time really thinking deeply about inclusive language and disability? Contemplate if the way educators discuss disability really matters. How have the readings impacted your understanding of communicating for and about all students in neutral and inclusive ways, and how do you see yourself as trying to implement the principles of inclusive language in the future? Note: If you believe or do not believe that using these principles are necessary or important, explain your rationale. Make connections to course readings: at a minimum, include one quote from the textbook and one quote from this module’s required course readings (APA format for quotes requires name, year and page number of quote).

This is my work and I need editing and correction:

I was very impressed by the Inclusive language article that I read, it made me think about choosing my words and thinking about them carefully. Before reading this article, I did not think as deeply as I am thinking now. This article will support me and help me a lot in the future of my dealings with PWD.

Inclusive language article explains misconceptions and makes us formulate and replace them to fairly concept. “It is a vehicle for addressing unwanted narrow definitions of people with disabilities.” (Dinaro, 2017). Furthermore, choosing an appropriate language in schools where there is no judgment or diminishing the value of others. This article taught me that such words have a very powerful effect that can limit one’s ability or grieve others. Therefore, we have to be very careful and watch our language to avoid these bad results

Although we as human beings are not infallible from mistake and forgetfulness, we must correct our mistakes immediately. After reading this article, I should try to convey what I learned to everyone in my society to benefit from. in addition, stop hurting others feelings by judging them and let them know everyone is capable to do something.

I read also the Living the Least Dangerous Assumption article that talks about the benefits of living the least dangerous assumption and the steps that help us to achieve this concept. “We must come to understand that refusing to presume competence is, in the long run, more costly than making that least dangerous assumption.” (Ahern, 2010)

We must believe that everyone has special potential and capabilities and any goal needs time to be an achievement. We have to be patient because the patient always brings the desired results. ”Patience makes things possible (allow processing time)” (Ahern, 2010)

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