Juvenile Delinquency Paper

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RubricAssessment(1).pdf RubricAssessment(1).pdf 

Project Descriptions

1.ComparisonPaper(Juvenile Justice/Adult Justice Systems)

Thejuvenile justicesystem is similarto the adult criminal justice system in manyways; however,fundamental differencesdo exist. In this assignment,you will:

Compare and contrast thejuvenile and adult criminal justice systems

Analyzeand describehow theyaresimilarand how theyare fundamentallydifferent.

Explain whythe juvenilejusticesystem is different, and the principles behind those differences.Notethat this is not a research paper, but rather a reflective paper that analyticallysummarizes thecoursematerial presentedin thetextbook and within theonlineCourseContent.

Format Requirements

 ·Paper should beaminimum of 750 words or aboutthree FULLnarrative pages

·Double space

·12 pt. font

·1” margins

·UseAPA citations forallsources (outside references not required)

·Include APA reference page (not included in word count)

Additionally –

·Create a cover pageforyour assignment (not included in word count)

·Includeyour name

·Coursetitle and number

·Project title

·Topic selected

·Date ofsubmission

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