Knowledge section assignment

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iBook Readings: Knowledge Section

Open the iBook in the application, and read the “Knowledge” section.

This section covers the readings: 1) The Other Jesus 2) The Messiah 3) Each and All 4) The Age of Reason.

For each of those readings, answer the following comprehension questions. Keep a running word document and submit all the questions at once when you are finished with all of the readings and all of the questions.

The Other Jesus

  1. What religion(s) perceive Jesus as a human prophet?
  2. What is the most disagreed upon aspect concerning who Jesus was?
  3. What do Muslims believe about Jesus? How do their beliefs differ from Christianity?
  4. How is the life of Jesus and Buddha similar and how are they different?
  5. What does Hinduism believe about Jesus? How do their beliefs differ from Christianity?

The Messiah

  1. How does the text define what a messiah is?
  2. What is the significance of the ghost dances?
  3. The American Indian prophecies about a “new world” entailed what?
  4. Is the historical context of “The Messiah” modern or ancient?
  5. Why is Black Elk critical of the prophecies and ghost dances?

Each and All

  1. Emerson’s transcendental philosophy celebrates what aspects of the American spirit?
  2. Define an analogy?
  3. What aspects of the poem celebrate nature?
  4. Define “transcend” from the poem
  5. Who was Napoleon and why is he mentioned in the poem?

The Age of Reason

  1. What is Revelation? How had the term been misconstrued in this context?
  2. What different forms of Christianity are represented in the poem? Know them!
  3. According to Thomas Paine, what should religion be founded upon?
  4. What church does Thomas Paine belong to?
  5. According to Paine, how can humanity discover God?

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