LAVC Physical Science Rules of Significant Figures Questions

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Show all work

1. What is the volume of a rectangular box measuring 10 cm by 15 cm by 20 cm?

2. A material has a mass of 472 g and a volume of 32 cm3. What is the density of this material?

3.Write the following numbers in scientific notation:

a) 65900000b) 0.000433

4.Arrange these units from smallest to largest:

µg, cg, kg, mg

5.How many significant figures are there in the following numbers:

a) 2.089b) 1.300c) 0.00345d) 1.2090

6.Using the rules of significant figures, calculate the following:

12.67 + 13.005 =

38.1 – 15. 15

18.3 x 12 =

10.55÷ 1.25

7.Round off the following numbers to two significant figures:

a) 5438b) 0.09995c) 88.61d) 0.00606

8.Calculate the number of feet in a 5.5 km race, given the following unit equalities:

1 in = 2.54 cm ; 1ft =12 in. Show all work

9.Covert 160.57 g into each of the following unit. Use scientific notation for final answer

Show all work.

a) Kg

b) µg

c) mg

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