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Congress has responded to the billions of dollars in health care
fraud and abuse by allowing enforcement agencies to institute a number
of civil, criminal, and administrative penalties.

Prepare a document that fully answers the following questions:

  • Explain the differences between civil and criminal actions in health care fraud and abuse. Give an example of each.
  • What are the three prohibitions listed in your textbook
    that are addressed in Title 18 of the U.S. Code, and what are the
    penalties for committing those acts?
  • What are three administrative remedies the government has for fraudulent conduct?
  • Name three felonies specified by Section 1128B of the Social Security Act.
  • Explain the two types of Exclusions stated in the Social Security Act.
  • Explain how a CMP (civil monetary penalty) administrative hearing is initiated.

Each answer should be a minimum of two paragraphs in length an in APA format;
some will require more. Your response must be analytical and apply the
law that you are learning. You will be assessed on the nature and scope
of your research and the depth of analysis in your response. In
addition, you must proofread your material, and submit it without
grammar, spelling, or other mechanical errors.

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