Law Office Technology: How should a small firm organize its basic data? Law Assignment Homework Help

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A small firm has to keep track of open and closed cases, client names, opponent names, and substantial other data, even if it has no cases that require massive amounts of data. Consider various alternatives for organization of basic data. The simplest way is to use features of the database built into Microsoft Office, which is MS Access. View the lecture notes on this to review and of course use the text to review options. Access may match databases used by business clients, since it is not specific to legal work.

What other options are there? What are the pros and cons of using legal specific products like, Casemap, and Abacus that have database type features? Some products emphasize keeping track of data on cases, others for the law firm itself, and others are all in one. Why might you use legal specific products instead of Access? Why might Access be easier to use for some law firms?

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