Leadership and Ethical Decision Making U5 1st Response to Vanessa Hollingshed

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Using 100 words or more, please respond to the following post:

As you know, I am an aspiring Project Marketing Manager and currently work in Admissions at a University. In this essay, I am going to explain three topics from this course and apply them to my future and current role as a professional.The first topic that I would like to discuss is the difference between leading and managing. Next, I will uncover ethical leadership and decision-making and lastly, the importance of code of conduct.

After taking this course, I have noticed a lot of things that related to exactly what we were studying at my job. I started to notice the different managerial approaches the directors at my job use as well as how it affected the employees. One of my favorite topics of this course began with the difference between leading and managing.I have learned that leadership focuses on the team at hand and their overall growth and effectiveness as individuals to get the task done. While managing focuses on the business end of things, managers have more of a formal approach while leaders obligation is to the people. At my job, my bosses definitely have more of a management approach because it is always about business with him. Luckily, in our department there are associates under him that basically act as that glue between managing and leading. I have noticed the difference in approaches during our meetings that we have every week. The Associate Directors are more concerned with the teams well being. The Directors have a more strategic approach and they do a lot of coaching. In my opinion, this is the perfect balance of good management. I feel like a valued employee and I actually believe I am growing as a professional.

Next, I want to discuss ethical leadership and decision-making. Often at my job, employees are faced with ethical dilemmas. One model that stood out to me in this course was the rational choice model because the employees at my job were actually trained on this specific thing. “The rational choice model is best used as a framework for categorizing decision making in the context of competing forces. If rational decision-making is a set of assumptions about how a decision is made, rather than what decision is made, then certain boundaries to such decision-making must be accepted. These boundaries include the bounds of self-interest and willpower, the bounds of ethicality, and the bounds of awareness. These bounds are the delimiting extremes of the rational decision-making process.” (Bazerman, 2013). First, you have to define the problem, and then identify the criteria for making the decision. After that, you would have to weighted each reason from least to most important, then develop and rate each appropriate alternative. I have noticed that working in Admissions, I use the care theory approach with my students since that supports the rational choice model. While advising my students, I build rapport to learn more about them and to earn their trust by showing I actually care about them. In my future role, I would have to do the same thing with my team as a Project Manager so my team members can be able to trust me to lead them. At the university I work for, we have specific guidelines to follow so we don’t run into any legal issues while assisting our students. To help employees dodge any ethical breaches we have guidelines that we follow in a form of a code of conduct.

I have learned the importance of a business to have a code of conduct. At my job, all employees and management are required to acknowledge the different types of code of conducts and policies that are set out. Employees have dutiful responsibilities to the company as well as to students, clients, other employees and managers. On the other hand, employers have certain obligations to their personnel according to law. I would find it easier making ethical decisions when I have some sort of guidelines framing my decision. At my current job, we have ‘rules of the roads’, which is our ‘compliance based ethics program’. That is in place because there are federal guidelines that we must adhere to, to avoid any legal breaches.

As a future Project manager I see myself using the Utilitarianism Theory to guide my leadership. That theory can play a role is because it is focused on making all parties happy by decreasing the amount of anguish. As a successful project manager I will learn to do so, as well as reaching the companies’ ultimate goal.

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