Leadership Theories in Practice

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As you learned in NSG/416: Theoretical Development and Conceptual Frameworks, theory-guided practice improves patient outcomes because of purposeful systematic application. As you grow in the nurse leader role, you will see that the same holds true for theory-guided leadership.

This assignment is designed to link leadership theory to practice and connect your past and current experience to help you grow as a leader.

Complete the Leadership Theories in Practice worksheet. Additional information provided in the Welcome to Week 1 Announcement. Do not use direct quotes. The summaries and examples must be in your own words.

APA: Please follow the directions in the worksheet. There needs to be 5 different sources for citing the summary of the theory. Citing will be accomplished by using in-text citations after the summary of the theory and having a properly formated reference page. Do not use direct quotes. The summaries and examples must be in your own words. Place your sources in the reference section, following 6th edition APA format. Please see the writing center or visit www.apastyle.org for assistance.

I open and look at the entire document so be sure to complete all the columns and rows. Please download and use the worksheet. Here is what one row would look like:

Theory Name

Summary Definition

Practice Example

Application of Gardner’s Tasks

Trait Theories

Summarize in own words (Author(s), date)

Example at work or create an example

Name the task- provide real or created example

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your worksheet with citations.

this assignment is due on 4/1/2019 pacific time at 12:00 noon.

please see attached sheet. please follow exact direction for full credit.

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