Legal Essay #2

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Chapter 6: A wide variety of intended acts can have unintended consequences. With intentional torts, the defendant may not have intended to harm the plaintiff, but her deliberate actions have resulted in alleged injury. Anticipating the harm that can result enables us to consider carefully the actions themselves.

Chapter 7: Criminal behavior extends far beyond the street crime that is fodder for television dramas—white-collar crime has a greater economic impact than street crime. Criminal law differs in important ways from civil law, the subject of most of the text: the state prosecutes the wrongdoer, the wrongdoer can face lengthy imprisonment or death, and rights embedded in the Constitution protect individuals accused by the state of criminal behavior.

Chapter 9: Contracts make business matters more predictable and are integral to the day-to-day business and personal life. Understanding how contracts are formed, the rules of contract law, and remedies the law has created to address harm that can result when formal contract rules don’t apply enables greater control over one’s life.

This week’s discussion topics are:

  • “Essay Questions” #4 on page 162 OR
  • “Essay Questions” #2 on page 188 OR
  • “Essay Questions” #1 on page 231

Please post your answers of the Essay Questions in this forum first, then read and debate two other classmates’ postings. Your essay format needs to be the same format as 1-6a Analyzing a Case example shown on textbook page 13 with “Facts, Issue, Decision, Reasoning”. Your responses to your classmates’ postings should follow the guidance of “Devil’s Advocate” on textbook page 15.

The grading criteria of your essay is shown below:

Facts: 0 point ( You simply copy and paste the facts provided by the essay questions from the textbook)

Issue: 1 point ( Your capability of identify ALL the legal issues presented by the case)

Decision: 1 point (serving as a judge, you need to issue a court decision when all issues are decided)

Reasoning: 4 points ( This is the most important part of the essay. You need to refer to the definition of the law and interprete it to support the decisions above. )

Debates of two of your classmates’ postings: 2 points (Offer a contrasting view of the legal issue and challenge your classmates’ decisions.)

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