Lesson 2 – Human Resource Management

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Welcome to the Lesson!

Develop an Anti-Discrimination Poster

The purpose of this assignment is to examine the legal aspects of managing a staff. You will create an Anti-Discrimination Poster to display for employees. The Poster The poster will be available to all employees- both nationally and internationally.

It is meant to educate employees and promote an Anti-Discrimination environment.

1. Decide on a type of discrimination.

2. Decide on an audience.

3. Decide on a message (add a slogan).

4. Decide on how to tell the story.

5. Create a poster (infographic or wall poster) focusing on preventing discrimination and promoting a healthy work environment.

The poster must include these elements:

– A Title

– An anti-discrimination message,

– Images (make sure you have copyright rights to the image), and

– A way for those feeling discriminated against to get help

Upload your assignment below (Your file may be in Word, PowerPoint or saved as a PDF).

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