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Lindsey Insurance Co. has current sales of $10 million and predicts next year’s sales will grow to $14 million. Current assets are $3 million and fixed assets are $4 million. The firm’s net profit margin is 7 percent after taxes. Presently, Lindsey has $900,000 in accounts payable, $1.1 million in long-term debt, and $5 million (including $2.5 million in retained earnings) in common equity. Next year, Lindsey projects that current assets will rise in direct proportion to forecasted sales, and that fixed assets will rise by $500,000. Lindsey also plans to pay dividends of $400,000 to common shareholders.

A. What are Lindsey’s total financing needs for the upcoming year?

B. Given the above information, what are Lindsey’s discretionary financing needs?

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