Literature Assignment (G)

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Your job in this discussion post is to dig deeply into one of the characters in Pinned. You can choose Autumn or Adonis, or you can choose a strong secondary character like Patricia (Peaches), Mr. Epperson, Miss Pattie, or Autumn’s parents.

After you choose your character, you will write a 200-300 word paragraph analyzing their character. Don’t focus on the obvious things (for example, it is obvious that Autumn likes to wrestle). Instead, try to discover the things that the reader learns about that person that he or she doesn’t explain in a straightforward way in the book. You don’t have to explain everything about your character, just focus on two or three important things about them. Then, at the end of your post, explain how the information that you discovered in your analysis connects to the bigger themes in the book, or how it helps you better understand the book overall. You should use direct quotes from the book in your paragraph as evidence to show how you came to your conclusions about your character (show us what they said, or what was said about them, and why it made you analyze them a certain way).

Once you have posted your paragraph, go through and read the paragraphs by your classmates and choose one to comment on. See if their analysis shows you something new about one of the book’s characters, or something new about the book’s themes.

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