Literature Review- Raising the age of Criminal Responsibility

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your annotated bibliography, write a literature review of
3–4 pages. Many peer-reviewed academic journal articles contain a
literature review section. Research to find and read several of these.

The literature review is not a listing of abstracts or simple
paraphrasing. If your introduction and literature review are combined,
ensure that each specific point in establishing the importance of your
topic is supported by citations of proper sources. The points you are
emphasizing are a reflection of the research and findings that you have
developed around your chosen topic. Your ultimate paper is your own
unique perspective, and in the literature review you are assembling
related research to support your own work.

Assignment Guidelines

  • Using the attached annotated bibliography , conduct a literature review of your selected sources.
  • The literature review should be 3–4 pages in length.

Remember to use APA style for all references and citations.

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