Los Angeles Community College Distric Dens Evaginatus Discussion

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For this week’s discussion complete the following for full credit:

Part 1:

1) Research a dental anomaly or radiolucent lesion from this week’s material and find an article that provides information about your chosen topic.

2) While reviewing your article, develop at least 2 questions about the material within your article that you found interesting to you.

Part 2:

3) Read through your classmate’s questions and provide the answers of the questions posted by at least 1 of your classmates.

4) Reply to your classmates with if they have provided the correct answers or not to your questions.

I’ll go first!

Here is my article: Classification of odontogenic cysts and tumors – AntecedentsLinks to an external site.

Question #1: Odontogenic cysts are the most common type of cysts occurring in what oral location?

Question #2: True or False? An amelobastic fibroma is categorized as a lesion with odontogenic epithelium with odontogenic ectomesenchyme with or without dental hard tissue formation.

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