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Your presentation should address the following:
The purpose of your research paper
The importance of investigating your topic
The historical background of your topic within the field of psychology
The main themes emerging from each of your sub-disciplines as they relate to your topic  (cite research here)
The important conclusions you have drawn from your literature review (comparing and contrasting the sub-disciplines), including any gaps/inconsistencies and how they inform your research project/social program
The highlights of your proposed project/program, including purpose, methods, proposed outcome/results, ethical considerations, strengths and weaknesses etc
Directions for future research in your topic area
The most interesting thing you have learned in the process of doing this review (about your topic and about yourself as a student)

my topic is on students athlete using steroids

i need a writer to do a powerpoint slides and use my research paper in it

i will upload my research paper so u can use it on the presentation slide

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