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Two Question 1 Page Each APA Stlye

1. Brands sometimes create some interesting twists in their marketing. See if you can identify the following automobile brands.

  • Which brand continues to use the words âzoom zoomâ?

Most of you will have little trouble identifying these brands, having seen advertising and promotional signage for them, or perhaps just âknowingâ that fact about the car brand.

Select one of the brands above and share your recollections about how you learned what you âknowâ about the brand. Was all of your brand knowledge generated by advertising? What other factors contributed to what you know? Can you determine what information came from what source?

2.Marketers continue to push the envelope as they challenge societyâs norms regarding what topics are appropriate to discuss in public. Advertisers are often blamed for promoting a materialistic society by making their products as desirable as possible. Do you agree with this? If yes, is materialism a bad thing? If no, what are your reasons? When responding to your classmates, provide a specific example of a product that supports your beliefs about the role of advertising in society.

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