Marketing Final NEED IN 2HOURS

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What are the differences between the international marketing research process and the domestic research process. Please explain with examples

In determining a location for a men’s clothing store, what kinds of secondary data should be available for each proposed location?

When is it suitable to use a diary panel and when should it be disregarded?

Explain the two types of consumer purchase panels?

Reliability refers to the ability of a measure to produce the same results over time and in different situations. Describe all of the methods used to determine reliability?

Validity refers to the extent to which a scale truly reflects the underlying construct it is attempting to measure. How many approaches are typically used to assess validity? Explain the approaches.

What is a disguised question and when is it typically used?

Explain probability and nonprobalility sampling and the uses for each?

Define penetration pricing and give an example that articulates when a company might use this concept.

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