Marketing/Human Resources Paper Due in 24 Hours

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  1. Create an ad for a new product called Coffee Beans. Coffee Beans is ground coffee that is sold at grocery stores and is considered a premium brand. People can go to the grocery store and buy Coffee Beans and use it in their at home coffee makers. You will create a billboard ad using one power point slide. On the powerpoint slide you should create a slogan, describe the new product, and also list a selling price. You should also include a photo and make the power point slide look like a billboard as much as possible.
  2. Your ad/power point slide should include:

    1. Product name- Coffee Beans
    2. Company name (please make one up)
    3. Why the potential buyer should purchase the product or service.
  3. You will also create a one page summary discussing how you came to create this new product. Please describe the process from start to finish. Describe why you wanted to create a new coffee brand, why you chose a billboard as the main marketing plan, why it’s being sold in grocery stores, and why you think the product will be successful.

This paper requires 1 power point slide as the billboard ad and a one page summary. The slide and paper needs to be in APA format.

The completed slide and paper is due in 24 hours.

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