Masters in Pharmaceutical Sciences North Coast Analytical Labs Discussion

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Many articles in the Module 3 reading list describe the current state of quality control testing in the cannabis and hemp industries, including current challenges and possible solutions.

Primary Post (10 points): Post a URL to a cannabis/hemp analytical testing laboratory located somewhere in the United States. MAKE SURE IT IS NOT THE SAME LAB THAT SOMEONE ELSE HAS POSTED ALREADY! Describe which types of tests they provide (potency, pesticide, microbial, terpene, etc.), what types of samples they accept (plant, oil/extract, consumables, etc.), and what protocols they have in place to ensure high quality testing results (ISO protocols, calibrated instrumentation, etc.).

Response Post (5 points): Find a sample/example customer report generated by the posted testing laboratory (these can usually be found somewhere on their website). Is there any information that you would expect to be included that isn’t? Would you feel comfortable selecting this company for your testing needs if you ran a dispensary or farm? Why or why not?

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