Medical Condition and Psychological Diagnosis

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It is the responsibility and the duty of the psychologist to diagnose and address the symptoms of the patient’s pathology disorder or condition disorder accurately, bearing in mind that if the psychologist misdiagnose, the repercussions for the psychologist and for the client are huge. There is a difference between medical condition and psychological disorder. Medical condition is an unhealthy state of a client whereas psychology condition is mental disorder or psychiatric disorder which may create stress, depression, bipolar, (American Psychiatric Association. (2013). The patterns of behavioral disorders come with symptoms that the psychologist must observe and be able to ascertain the therapy method for the client.

Another diagnostic consideration include physical symptoms such as stress, headaches, anxiety, depression. Neurological symptoms are the signs of early brain tumors as a result of intracranial pressure. Medical conditions may mimic psychological disorder and the psychologist should be in a position to assess, diagnosis and treat the client appropriately, (Bondi, M. W. (1992), p. 307. Para. 8.

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