Memo: Description or Definition (600-750) words

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For this assignment, you will write a memo in which you focus on an extended definition or a description for your audience.

Definition, Description

Consider a concept, term, item, etc. from your field of study, work or a hobby with which you are very familiar. Terms and concepts must be explained in detail so that the reader can grasp the information fully.

With this in mind, identify an audience for which an extended definition or description of this item or concept would be necessary. Consider the ancillary reading information offered in this Class Session to help you with what kinds of detail and level of information are useful for extended definitions and descriptions. Using this information, compose a short memo with the following details:

  • 1) Compose an extended definition or description (600 words minimum) of your subject identified above.
  • 2) Include at least one visual. Be sure that graphics are appropriate for your audience and purpose.
  • 3) Cite your sources clearly and accurately in APA format.
  • 4) Include with the definition a brief explanation of the intended audience and purpose.

The following site offer examples: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.


This assignment is worth 30 points. Evaluation will be based on the following criteria at minimum:

  1. Audience: Has the appropriate audience been considered for the document and/or has consideration been given to the scenario described in the assignment?
  2. Format: Is the document formatted according to assignment requirements and standard business practices?
  3. Document elements: Does the document include all necessary elements, per the assignment and the particular type of document?
  4. Graphics – Have meaningful graphical solutions been offered, based on the assignment details?
  5. Language, Mechanics, grammatical issues: Does the document use acceptable business language/style? Is the document free from errors in spelling, grammar, mechanics and punctuation?

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