METR 112 SDSU Range of Values for Daily Electricity & Natural Gas Usage Discussion

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!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PART I:

1. Analyze your energy data at the end of the two-week period:

What is the range of values for daily electricity and natural gas usage? What is the average amount used per day? Point out any interesting trends. For example, is more energy used on the weekend than weekdays? Are there any sudden spikes or drop-offs in energy usage? Explain the possible reasons for your findings.

2. In 200 words, summarize the analysis of your daily electricity and natural gas usage data over the period of Monday, April 12, 2021, to Sunday, April 25, 2021.

I attached the data below, make sure to use that for your analysis and summary.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PART II:

A) Watch a Green Ninja video (3 minutes) about home energy conservation:

B) Develop a problem statement that you are trying to solve. What is the problem you are trying to address?

C) Brainstorm to develop a list of possible solutions. First, think about the rooms in your house/apartment and evaluate energy usage in each room. Where can you make energy savings? Start with the obvious (e.g., changing light bulbs from incandescent to compact fluorescent, unplugging electronics when not in use) but broaden to include changing the design of your home (e.g., how and when people cook or watch TV). Then, think about the tradeoffs for each. For a list of ways to reduce energy usage, see the “Energy Saving Tips” tab under “Save Energy & Money” on your PG&E account.

D) Develop a plan for how you will save energy in your home. In the description of your plan, estimate how much electricity, natural gas, and emissions (in units of kWh, Therms, and lbs of CO2, respectively) you expect to save over the 2-week period with these reductions. Take into account your energy usage over the baseline period. Note that 0.524 lbs of CO2 are emitted per kWh of electricity used, with 13.446 lbs of CO2 emitted per Therm of natural gas used.

TO SUBMIT: Describe your Energy Conservation Design (B, C, and D) in 250 words.

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