MFT Child Therapy

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Students will write a 5 page paper in APA format (including at least 2 professional references) I would like mine to be on Conduct Disorder. The assignment should be outlined like this, but should only include the heading. The other parts are things that should be included in that section. Attached will be the assignment for a full understanding

Heading # 1- Introduction

Introduce your topic and what you want to accomplish in the


Heading #2- Defining the Problem

What is the prevalence of the disorder/presenting problem?

What are the criteria or symptoms used to diagnose the

presenting problem?

What are the problems/special considerations in diagnosing

the disorder/presenting problem in children/adolescents?

Discuss the etiology of the presenting problem as found in


Heading #3 – Treatment

What evidenced-based approaches are available in treating the

disorder? If no evidenced-based approaches exist, what are

treatment approaches suggested in the literature?

Describe at least two approaches (medication should not be

used as one of the two approaches. Focus more on the

therapeutic approaches to assist)

What are the strengths/limitations of each approach?

1 / 2

What approach would you choose and why?

Heading #4 – Conclusion


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