MKTG 310 Week 4 Midterm 2

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This archive of MKTG 310 Week 4 Midterm 2 gives the solution to:

(TCO 3) All of the following are listed by the text as functional areas of a cultural system EXCEPT for ________.

Student Answer:


social structure


(TCO ) The process whereby a product formerly associated with a specific ethnic group is detached from its roots and marketed to other subcultures is called ________.

(TCO 2) Having traditional values and believing in fitting in rather than rebelling is a characteristic of ________.

Student Answer:

Generation X

Generation Y

Generation Z

Baby Boomers

(TCO 5) When a gas station blows a fresh coffee smell around the gas pumps to tempt customers to come inside for a cup, the gas station is using a form of ________ marketing to influence customers.

Student Answer:





(TCO 7) Compare and contrast the uses of the emotional appeals of sex, humor, and fear in advertising. What are the strengths and weaknesses of each?

(TCO 1) Some people have been offended when marketers refer to an event such as the Super Bowl as a sacred event. They believe that business people are being disrespectful. Explain how the concept of “sacred” in consumer behavior is both the same and different from the concept of “sacred” in a traditional religious context

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