MN 514 unit 8 Assignment: Human Resource Systems

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MN 514 unit 8 Assignment: Human Resource Systems

For this project you will
summarize how the Human Resource (HR) system in a specific healthcare
organization (your place of employment or another site) addresses an issue that
affects organizational function (e.g., service delivery, workplace safety,
workplace productivity, etc.).

Some suggested issues/topics include:

·Quality of work life

·Violence in the

·Substance abuse

·Exposure to
environmental risks

technical competence

·Staffing Nursing Units

Directions Be sure to include in
your paper:

·A clear definition of
the issue.

·Why do you think it is
an issue?

·What implications does
it present in the healthcare setting?

·How was (or is) the
issue addressed?

·What HR policies in
your organization relate to the issue and how were they applied?

·How could the issue
have been addressed differently? Was there a better response that could have
been provided or implemented? What would you recommend now based on your
experience and growing knowledge of HR practices?

Assignment Requirements

1.Final paper should be 4–5

2.Include a title and
reference page that is counted separately from the 4–5 page requirement.

3.Include a minimum of
five scholarly references.

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