Mock Cognitive behavioral Therapy Session intake interview anxiety disorder

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Disregard any details mentioning a video I will do that myself, just need a concept. My selection is cognitive behavior therapy

  • Select someone to role-play your mock client. Assume that you and your client have already been working together for 3–4 sessions. (In other words, your mock session should be neither an intake interview nor a termination session.) Prepare your mock client to exhibit the following behavior as part of his or her mock presenting issues:
    • Resistance/sustain talk
    • Ambivalence talk
    • Change talk
  • Using cognitive-behavioral therapy, demonstrate your proficiency with the following skills and therapist behaviors
    • Rapport building
    • Open questions (No more than two in a row)
    • Reflective listening
    • Facilitate exploration
    • Summarizing
    • Affirmation
    • Roll with resistance/Decrease resistance
    • Develop discrepancy
    • Elicit change talk
    • Confront client in a non-direct manner
    • Express empathy and interest through body language
    • Respectful manner toward client

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