MRU Alterations in The Endocrine System Presentation

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Here are the details for the presentation

(5-6 slides per disease) with the following



-Pathophysiology (not very deep)


-Signs and symptoms

-Primary diagnostic (laboratory test, imaging, other tests)

-Differential diagnostic

-Nonpharmacological management

-Pharmacological management (name of the medicine, strength, doses, frequency, length of treatment, most frequent side effects to look for))

-Education and disease prevention (vaccines-screening test-environmental control, specific diet, compliance with medications,) if fit to the condition

Main References



Pharmacology Pathophysiology_ The Biologic Basis for Disease in Adults and Children ( PDFDrive ).pdf

Codina Family Nurse Practitioner , Maria T. Codina.pdf

Codina. Family-Nurse-Practitioner-Certification-Intens.pdf

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