MSW Norm in society disussion, traits and characteristics, sociology homework help

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Identify and describe one trait or characteristic that you see as setting you apart from the “norm” in society against which all other people are measured (white, male, 35 years old, upper middle class, Protestant, married, heterosexual, able-bodied, and able-minded). For instance, characteristics such as ‘I am resilient.’; ‘I am a strong person.’; I am prompt’; may not be a characteristic that is distinct to who you are (could change over time, etc.).

Not all diversity is visible, so use your critical thinking skills to highlight something about yourself that is unique.

  • What do you want us to know about your diversity?
  • What challenges does society present you because of your diversity?

Please work into your answer material from the weekly readings as you reflect on your diversity.

Barrett, J. A. (2011). Multicultural Social Justice and Human Rights: Strategic Professional Development for Social Work and Counseling Practitioners. Journal For Social Action In Counseling & Psychology, 3(1), 117-123.

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