my superhero assignment

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Whether you are a fanboy or not pick a superhero from this Superhero Website** to answer questions below. Superman, Batman and Black Panther are off limits for questions one and two. Post your Superhero selection to the relevant DB asap — No duplicate superhero selections allowed. The Superhero Website link is also in ASSIGNMENTS SP’18 and Our Online Library.

1.LONGEVITY: Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman have been on the scene for over 75 years and the Black Panther first appeared over 50 years ago. When does your selected superhero first appear in the text of a comic strip, comic book or graphic novel? Do you think your Superhero has longevity on his or her side in terms of relevancy 50 years into our future? Why or why not?

2.BLACK PANTHER (2018): The Black Panther (BP) superhero movie is a historic cinematic event. Question: So does BP meet the general analysis of superheroes detailed in either of the two analytical essays or will BP always be relegated to the cultural moment of its opening as detailed in so many articles and reviews? Use whichever superhero analysis essay appeals to you and whichever article OR review resonates with you to answer this ques. No. 2. Use textual exemplification in your answers.

3.HOLLYWOOD MOVIE: What one quality of a “Hollywood Movie” would you apply to the BP movie? (See below for recap of some of the textbook pages used for the previous assignment.)

The Hollywood Movie (vs. Independent Film): page 24, first paragraph; page 25, last paragraph;

The Style of Hollywood Cinema: page 26; page 27, first paragraph (“Style is thus subordinated…”);

page 28, last paragraph (“But haven’t Hollywood representations…”);

“New” Hollywood and the Blockbuster Mentality: pages 43 and 44


Note: if you scroll down to the very bottom of the website screen you will have the option of a list of superheroes by gender, by villains and by comic book brand. In addition this Superhero website lists the superheroes by photos.

“SUPER HEROES” is a trademark co-owned by DC Comics and Marvel Comics and now Disney since its $4.5 billion purchase of Marvel [“United States Patent and Trademark Office latest status info for trademark serial #78356610

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