Name the functions of the foreign exchange market, International Business Memo 5

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I have attached week 5 memo.  Below is what we are learning this week.  I believe this may give you some insight on the memo  (Questions below are not part of the memo and are not part of any assignment) 

“After completing this lesson, you should be able to:

  • Name the functions of the foreign exchange market
  • Identify the different theories explaining how currency exchange rates are determined and their relative merits
  • Define the role that foreign exchange rates play in insuring against foreign exchange risk
  • Discuss the role played by the World Bank and the IMF in the international monetary system
  • Identify exchange rate systems that are used in the world today and why countries adopt different exchange rate regimes
  • Define the implications of the global monetary system for currency management and business strategy
  • Identify the risks associated with the globalization of capital markets
  • Name the risks and benefits associated with the Eurocurrency market, the global bond market, and the global equity markets
  • Identify how foreign exchange risk impacts upon the cost of capital”

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