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1) Justifying the act of declaring war on a nation producing weapons of mass destruction (WMD’s) is false. In the United States, only Congress has the power to declare war, which is authorizing collective action to maintain or enforce international peace and security. This could be for a variety of reasons, such as the bombing of Pearl Harbor which urged the U.S. to take action and join the war. You could technically declare war on nations producing WMD’s, but I do not believe this would be justifiable. In 2003, the Bush Administration invaded Iraq and tried to justify their actions by saying they were in control of WMD’s. This however was not the case. No weapons of these sorts were ever found. Vice versa, the U.S. is still in control of WMD’s today. What is stopping Russia or North Korea from attacking us and using the same logic?

2) False. In 2008, former President Bush signed an agreement to withdraw troops from Iraq by the end of 2011. When Obama came into office, most Americans were already against this war. Obama finished what Bush had set in motion years prior. At this point, most of al Qaeda had been defeated. In 2014, al Qaeda had begun to rise in power again under the alias “ISIS”. A lot of people believed that if American troops were still in Iraq at the time, ISIS would have had a much harder time regaining control of the region. This is probably true but I believe that no matter when troops were withdrawn, ISIS would have regained power either way. Their influence and foothold in the region was already massive.

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