Need help with newsletter article discussion and Blog

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Write a newsletter article for Padgett-Beale’s monthly employee newsletter 500 to 750 words. Your article will be the first in a series of monthly articles on security related topics.

The title for your newsletter article will be: Why do businesses need security?


Blog 1: Getting into the Swing of Things

Write and post a 3 – 5 paragraph blog entry about your experiences during the first week of your job as a management intern. Answer the following questions in a blog using the resources provided.

  • What do you expect from your experience?
  • Will you focus mostly on the leadership and management areas of the internship?
  • What do you expect to learn about cybersecurity?

Additional Information:

this weeks Topic: Businesses and the Need for Comprehensive Security and Asset Protection

  • Businesses & Security
    • The Need for Security
    • Protecting Business Assets: People, Property, and Facilities
    • Role of Leaders and Managers in Ensuring Asset Protection
    • Integrating Security into the Business (People, Processes, Policies, and Technologies)
  • Leadership and Management Skills
    • Communicating about Cybersecurity
    • Management Internships (Benefits to Participants)
  • See Week 1 > Content for an example of a newsletter article. (Note: use a table if you want to insert multiple columns.)
  • Paste your article directly into your response to this question. Do NOT use an attachment. Your text must be pasted as text (not screen captures or images of a page).
  • You may include hyperlinks and images (click the “Creative Commons” license button in MS Word or use royalty free clip art from elsewhere).

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