Need help with political science and the Realtionship Between Environment, Society, and Economic Activity

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As stated in the lecture (and text), the “environment” means many things to many different people. After reading the chapter, and fully exploring the lecture materials, please share your personal definition of the “environment.” Are you more of an economist or ecologist in how you view the environment? Do you feel preservation is more important than conservation, or the other way around? How do you feel “equity” plays a role in defining the “environment?” In addition to your definition of environment, please place your definition into the major presumptionof the environment as a limiting factorin relation to societal and economic prosperity discussed in the module and visually represented here:

Relationship of Environment, Society, and Economics

Do you agree with this presumption (that the environment sets the outer bounds by which socieity and our economy flourish)? And if so, what role do you think government should take in helping to protect background environmental conditions? Please share your perspective, but remember to support your perspective with facts/information obtained from the reading and lecture. We are looking for informed discussions here. Also, please make sure you respond to at least one other students posting (in order to receive full credit).,

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