Negotiation Tactics and Strategies.

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assignment will help you draft Subsections B and C of Section V: Negotiation
Tactics and Strategies of the final project, which is due in Module Ten. In
your submission, address all of the following critical elements:

1.Define the contrast principle, its value in the negotiation setting, and how it can
contribute to a win-win outcome.

2.Using the contrast principle, outline two potential negotiating tactics that you would
recommend Sharon Slade use in the negotiation meeting with Alice Jones. The
gambits should help reach an integrative (win-win) outcome. Include examples to
illustrate each gambit.

3.Explain the value of each gambit
to the negotiation process.

4.Provide the reasons why each
gambit could increase the likelihood of a successful negotiation session.
Include your thoughts on the importance of striving for a win-win outcome in any negotiation setting.

5.Reference at least three secondary sources that support your position.

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